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Road Safety Show information

Frequently Asked Questions?

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How long is each individual Safety Magic Show?
The main show lasts 45 minutes. Please allow 30 minutes at the start to set up equipment and also about 15 minutes to pack down at the end. The show can be made shorter to accommodate any tighter schedules if required. Road safety and stranger danger shows are both completely separate shows. For information on the Stranger danger show please visit the Stranger Danger Show page.

What age range is the show for?
The show is aimed at early years and key stage 1. Due to the content of the show and the messages, it is not really suitable for older key stage 2 &3 children. If you have a multiple form entry school and are booking extra shows then it always makes for a better show if the age ranges are mixed during the performances. The older children encourage and help the younger ones to interact. So perhaps have a class from each year in every show. Please ask David for any further help or advice.

How many children per show and how many safety shows does my school require?
The show is very interactive with the children helping and calling out safety messages throughout the show. This is great and keeps the children's attention and helps them remember everything. However this becomes less effective when there is more than 100 children. So if you have two or three form entry school, then you will require 2 or 3 shows.

Is David Tricks DBS checked?
Yes certainly, the enhanced check certificate with update service is available here to view

How long to set up the show?
Around 30 minutes to set up the show and equipment and 15 minutes to pack down. If you are holding the show in the dinner hall then please consider these extra times. If you have the 3 show option then David can do 2 shows in the morning and then pack down the equipment and then after lunch reset for the final road safety show.

What is needed for the show?
The show is completely self contained, however a power socket is required for the PA system. A performance area of approximately 3 square metres and enough room for the children to sit on the floor. David has usually driven quite a distance to the schools, so showing him the staff room for a coffee and the toilet is always appreciated. 

What will the children learn? What happens during each show?
Please visit each shows designated web page Road Safety Show and Stranger Danger Show

How do we book?

Please fill out the required information and contact details here CONTACT page to book a show.
You can call or email David, also try and have a specific week or day in mind and then David will try and accommodate you. Please bare in mind end of term times are busy so please book well in advance.

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